• Boy

    The best place for a child...

    is at home with family.

    By sponsoring a child, you will give a helping hand so a child is able to live at home with their family instead of being put in state-care.

    Sponsor a Child
  • Home of Hope Construction

    Project Home of Hope

    A Safe House for Young Women

    Donate to help set young women up to succeed in life.

    Donate to Project Home of Hope
  • Sisters

    Sister Servants of Mary

    Dedicated to the children

    Bridge of Hope and the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate in Ukraine work together to create a bridge between Canada and Ukraine to care and help for children in need.

  • Summer camp

    Summer Camp!

    Fun and Faith in the Carpathian mountains.

    By way of generous donations, we are now able to offer summer camp programs to underprivileged kids in Ukraine.

    Send a child to camp...
  • Sunflower


    Help end child poverty in Ukraine.

    Your monthly support can provide food every day, basic clothing, education, medical care and a warm feeling that someone cares.

    Donate to Bridge of Hope

Your kindness can change the life of a child in Ukraine…


Our mission is to provide support services through sponsorship and ministering through the Ukrainian Eparchy (Edmonton) to underprivileged children in Ukraine. We work directly with the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Lviv, Ukraine.

We are devoted to the children’s well-being. This involves mental, physical and emotional health.

About us…

Sponsor a Child.

For less than a dollar a day, a sponsored child can receive:

  • Food every day
  • Basic clothing
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • A warm feeling that someone cares.

Help a needy child…

Make a Donation.

Many children in Ukraine that live with family are in poverty, suffering of malnutrition, inadequate medical care or housing, and have little or no education.

Bridge of Hope helps these children develop life skills that will ensure they can build a successful future for themselves.Your donation will be used to ensure our programs continue to operate.

How to donate…

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