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St. Martin School donates Shoeboxes for Ukraine

The St. Martin School community concluded its annual Shoebox for Ukraine campaign on March 17. Students filled up their shoeboxes with all kind of school supplies, toys and clothing items for the children living in Ukraine’s orphanges, as well as a personal letter introducing themselves. The coordination of the event is done through the Bridge of Hope Charity in Edmonton https://ourbridgeofhope.com/ The Bridge of Hope coordinates its efforts with the Ukrainian Catholic Sister Servants in Ukraine. We were blessed this year to have the leaders of the Sister Servants in Canada, Rome and Ukraine in Edmonton. They came and personally picked up the shoeboxes and thanked our students for their continued support of Ukraine’s orphans. The visiting sisters were Sr. Terry Ann Slota, SSMI Superior General from Rome, Sr. Patricia Lacey, SSMI Provincial Superior for Canada from Toronto, and Sr. Bonifatia Diakiv, SSMI Provincial Superior for Ukraine, from Lviv Ukraine. The coordinator of the Bridge of Hope Charity is ECSD teacher Danielle Kowalchyk.

Taras Podilsky
Principal – St. Martin Ukrainian Bilingual School
Edmonton Catholic Schools
11310-51 Avenue Edmonton AB T6H 0L7
(780) 434 4848

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